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Section 47 tells the true story of a couple who battled to clear their name after being accused of harming their own child. It explores in forensic detail the harrowing process of living through a Social Services investigation and presents a blow by blow account of the year long investigation they had to endure.

The film explores their nightmare of endless suspicion, intrusion and dysfunctional practices. They are repeatedly interviewed by the police and social services, restricted from being alone with their children and told that if they can’t comply, their children will be taken into care.

The measures that are put into place are restrictive, psychologically torturous and emotionally harrowing and do not seem to take into account one important question. What if the couple at the centre of this investigation are innocent?

Source Material – Original Script
Written By – Joe Shaw & Luke Shaw
Producers – Brian J. Falconer, Jonathan Beer and Christopher Myers
Production Company – Out Of Orbit
(The Dig, Normal PeopleBoogaloo and Graham, the 2015 BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominated live action short film)